Signal Tubular 12V 220AH Premium Inverter, Solar & UPS Battery


Tubular batteries have been known to last much longer than normal Sealed lead acid Batteries or AGM batteries. This is a product you can very much rely on with its low self discharge mechanism and low maintenance value.
This battery can be used for as long as u want so long as you do not allow the water in it dry up.
Signal Gold Series of Tubular Batteries are rated @ C-20 Capacity
Deep Cycle design to withstand frequency and Long power cut duration with absolute low maintenance.
Low self discharge and abuse resistance
Superior quality micro porous aqua trap ceramic vent plugs to reduce topping up frequency
Positive and negative plates are cast from high quality lead allow in sophisticated machine to ensure superior grain structure and minimize corrosion at high temperature
High porosity separator to provide low electrical resistance and prevent oxidation.
Eco-friendly and biodegradable material used for packaging
These batteries are supplied in Factory charged condition and are ready for use.
This batteries advanced design features makes this Series the definitive choice for a wide variety of markets; Solar and Renewable Energy Storage; Electric Vehicle and Golf cart; Industrial equipment, Floor Machines, Forklifts, Aerial lifts, and Robotics; Marine, RV, and no-idle solutions; Mobility and Medical Equipment; Telecom, Broadband and Cable TV; UPS systems.

To make a 12Volt battery system, all you need do is to purchase 1 unit of this battery for your 12 Volt battery system.
For a 24 volts battery system, you need 2 units of this also for a 48 volt battery system you need 4 units as well. Be rest assured that with it’s 200ah battery storage capacity, you are guaranteed of more man hour of use than other conventional 100ah battery capacity types.

You can only top up the water to the required level with distilled water only. NEVER with electrolyte or tap water. Either water from an air-conditioner or distilled water.

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