10kva/180v Safepower Pure Sinewave Inverter

The Safepower Inverters are completely user-friendly, convenient and efficient. These inverters are capable being used for a variety of high power applications such as pumping machines, deep freezers, home electronics, refrigerators, lifts, Dispensing pumps, telecommunication equipment and devices, etc.

It can also deliver power simultaneously while charging in all the conditions above.

Safepower UPS are designed using latest State of the art technology for better performance, high reliability and complete power solution. It features includes: Very high load cold start, Sensor charge technology for faster charging and longer battery life, Long backup time, Miniature Circuit breaker, Intelligent Thermal Management among others.

Key Feature

Output waveform Pure sinewave
Battery type Supports All types of battery
Compatible with Generator
DC Voltage 180V




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