About Invertersrus

Invertersrus.com.ng is the number one online shopping destination solely for inverters, batteries and solar systems. We are not just another e commerce platform but have been in the active business of selling, installing and maintaining inverters and solar systems for over a decade with a wealth of experience and offering robust and unbeatable after sales service through our parent company sekuritek technologies.This also means that there are no middlemen or third party vendors displaying their wares on our site. This by implication means that when you buy inverters, solar systems, batteries etc from invertersrus .com.ng you are dealing directly with people who have wealth of experience and capacity to deliver very high quality and professional services our clients deserve. Warranty issues; We offer direct warranty cover to our valued customers unlike most other sites where the warranty cover is given by relatively unknown vendors with the attendant risk of them absconding when issues arise. With invertersrus .com.ng we are with you all the way and are always there to fulfill our warranty agreement (terms)

Our Team

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